Sage Melodies Gift List

Sage Melodies

Handcrafted Gift List



Rice Bags - $15

Premium Bag with Cover - $18

Wellness Trio - $25

Boo Boo Bags - $6

Lavender Eye Masks - $8

Sugar and Salt Scrub - $6

Bath Bombs - $3.50 each or 3 for $10



Card Holders - $12

Aprons - $25-$35

Exercise Mat Bag - $35

Tote Bags - $18-$25

Coffee Sleeve - $6

Headband - $5



Toiletries Pouch - $24

Laundry Bag - $14

Zippered Pouch - $14

Curling Iron Sleeve - $16

Electronics Roll - $16

Makeup Brush Roll - $16

Neck Pillow - $12

Shoe Bag - $10

Earbud Pouch - $10

Passport Cover - $8

Luggage Handle - $6

Eye Mask - $6



Diaper Clutch - $14

Taggie Blankets - $14

Diaper Strap - $6

Burp Cloths - $3.5 or 3 for $10

Pencil or Crayon Rolls - $12

Burp Cloth and Onesie Set - $18


Tag Blankets

Introducting: The Tag or Ribbon Blanket

Ever heard of a tag or taggie blanket and wonder, "What in the world is that?"  Babies natural curiosity and need for tactile stimulation are two of the great reasons for giving a taggie blanket.  Add to that the sense of security that a "blankie" can provide, and you see how this can be a wonderful gift.

Diminsions for taggies are approximately 18"x21".  Ribbon loops are reinforced.  One side is flannel, the opposite side is a satin-like material.

Sorry for the poor photos.  They are tons cuter in person, honest!!

Monkey Business

Pretty Purple

Taggie blankets are just $12.

Featured Product: The Boo Boo Bag

The Boo Boo Bag

I absolutely LOVE this product.  I originally called it a cold pack, but boo boo bag is way more fun to say!

This pack is designed to go in your freezer.  The next time your little one gets a "boo boo," just pull it out.  This is so much better than an ice bag for three main reasons: 1) it's not as cold, so you don't have to worry about the temperature. 2) it's not going to make a big, wet mess since it's rice inside, and not ice.  3) every kid is going to love these fun fabrics (even some adults)!

The regular price for the boo boo bag is $6.  However, as the featured product, I am offering my current stock for a limited time at only $5 each!   As always, special orders are available. 

Some of my favorite fabrics
A few more great fabric options

The Square Boo Boo Bag

The Rectangle Boo Boo Bag

The Diaper Clutch

Introducing: The Diaper Clutch

Sometimes you don't need that huge diaper bag.  Grab the diaper clutch instead.  It's roomy enough for a couple of diapers, your small wipe containter, AND diaper cream.  Toss it into your regular purse or the bottom of the stroller and you are set!

The diaper clutch is only $12!  Pair it with a few burp cloths and you have a great one-of-a-kind baby shower gift.

Diaper Straps Make Changing Time Easier

Introducing: The Diaper Strap

Every mom needs one of these straps.  Attach it around your wipes and a couple of diapers to make changing time easier.  Now all your supplies are in one place and you don't end up with squished diapers.  You moms all know what I'm talking about! 

At just $4 each, the diaper strap makes a great gift for yourself or someone else. 

Crayon and Colored Pencil Rolls

Sage Melodies Kids introduces: The Crayon Roll and The Colored Pencil Roll

Priced at just $10 each, these are a great gift for any age.  Or keep one in your purse for those "I'm bored" times. 

A great gift for the budding artist
Colored Pencil Rolls in a variety of fabrics

Crayon Rolls in many fun fabrics
Makes you want to color, doesn't it?!

Sage Melodies Kids: Burp Cloths

Introducing: The Burp Cloth

Made from 100% cotton diapers with cotton or flannel down the middle. 
Great for the little (or big) spit ups! 

A plethora of choices!
Cotton diaper with flannel or cotton middle

Pretty Purple
A Girl's Life

Baby Blue
Hey Diddle Diddle Combo

Jumpin' Monkeys, Dots, Balloons

Burp cloths are $4 each or $10 for a set of three.  These make GREAT gifts for the new mom or mom-to-be.