Featured Product: The Boo Boo Bag

The Boo Boo Bag

I absolutely LOVE this product.  I originally called it a cold pack, but boo boo bag is way more fun to say!

This pack is designed to go in your freezer.  The next time your little one gets a "boo boo," just pull it out.  This is so much better than an ice bag for three main reasons: 1) it's not as cold, so you don't have to worry about the temperature. 2) it's not going to make a big, wet mess since it's rice inside, and not ice.  3) every kid is going to love these fun fabrics (even some adults)!

The regular price for the boo boo bag is $6.  However, as the featured product, I am offering my current stock for a limited time at only $5 each!   As always, special orders are available. 

Some of my favorite fabrics
A few more great fabric options

The Square Boo Boo Bag

The Rectangle Boo Boo Bag

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